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thoroughbred bluegrass

Tenbrooks came together in 1990. With its fierce driving traditional style, it had an immediate impact on the California Bluegrass scene.

Drawing material from a variety of first-generation Bluegrass bands and other country songs, the Tenbrooks' CD includes 6 originals by David Putman, Robbie Macdonald, and Tom Bekeny. The band's rhythm section of David, Jerry Logan, and Tom provides the foundation that gives Tenbrooks its signature sound.

Have a listen and enjoy!

tenbrooks"We got the CD...it's really great music, well played, and full of feeling. Great duets and trios, fabulous choice of songs, and wonderful playing throughout. There's kind of a dearth of the wonderful kind of bluegrass, the soulful kind with content and humor, these days, it having been replaced by slick country/pop goop that leaves me cold. I love this recording because it's something to sink my teeth into, and I've gone back for another listen — twice!" - Kathy Kallick

"Congratulations on a fine recording! I love the sound of you [Robbie] and David singing together. The choice of material is good, and I enjoyed reading everyone's comments in the liner notes. Oh, yeah, and then there's your banjo playing, which is truly fine." - Laurie Lewis

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